LuffLand Industries Vendor Guide.

                                        How to do business with us.

Luffland Industries has a rich past of successful relationships with many companies across America. We strive for the best products to fit our needs as well as the end customer. For companies who would like to do business in that atmosphere, LLI suggests the following before making contact with our purchasing management.

Review This Web Site. Understanding what products we bring to the market place will provide you with knowledge on how you can help us reach our goals, as well as yours. Review: Our divisions: Combustion Equipment Company and JetFlow Grain Augers. Who purchases our products and where: Our Customers. Who are we currently working with: Vendor Links.

The Right Fit. After reviewing our web site be sure the product is the right fit for our company. For example, one of our divisions produces grain augers using the screw principle, yet we are called on often by vendors who produce equipment for conveying manufactures. Be sure your product can serve us properly.


Purchasing Management Team. After you have reviewed the last two paragraphs and you are ready to call on us, use the address below to make your first initial contact. We appreciate a letter with line card over a first contact phone call or dropping by our plant unannounced.  LLI has two individuals who do the majority of our buying. All products related to electrical motors, contactors, and spun equipment should be addressed to Andy Luff, All other products should be forwarded to Mike Roberts,


For More Information Contact:

Luffland Industries
Bates City, Missouri

Tel: 816/625-4022
FAX: 816/690-4386
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