Welcome to the home page of LuffLand Industries, a company committed to manufacturing grain augers,

crop drying fans and heaters for the farm.


Please use this site as an informational source about our company and its products. You will find links to our divisions and services below.

 Jet Flow Augers

JetFlow is our grain auger division of LuffLand Industries. JetFlow dealers can provide you with a wide range of augers designed for on-the-farm duty.

 Combustion Equipment Company

CECO manufactures a variety of axial and centrifugal fans designed for on-the-farm as well as commercial use. 

 Dealer Network Service

You can find where our products are being sold by using our state-by-state and internet sales Dealer Network Service.

 How to Become a Dealer

This link provides information for grain storage builders and service professionals on how they may provide our products to the public.

 Vendor Guide

This link is provided for suppliers interested in selling to us.

Jet Flow Site Map        Combustion Equipment Company Site Map

Contact Information


Telephone: 816/625-4022 

FAX: 816/690-4386 

Postal address

201 North First Street, Bates City, Missouri      64011 

Electronic mail
General Information: Luffland@aol.com
Sales: latenuff@aol.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: Mike@luffland.com

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